>Here’s a new piece due out in print soon entitled, Can I Get A Witness. You have to scroll a ways to page 32. A ways. But at least this way you don’t have to buy the journal. Of course, if you want to buy the journal . . .

Link: http://www.farawayjournal.com/something-to-look-at/.

Another story, Readiness, is coming out in Weave Magazine (See ‘Work Forthcoming In’) in the next few weeks. This one will be in print only, so you’ll have to pony up a little dough to read it. Or I suppose you could just ask me for a copy.

Finally, I’m taking my show on the road! I have two readings coming up. One on Sunday in Pittsburgh for Weave. The other is next Sunday, May 3, in Philadelphia, at the Manayunk Arts Center, 419 Green Lane, 6PM.

See you soon.