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If Beale Street Could Talk

Book Number 2 for the Five Word Review is James Baldwin’s “If Beale Street Could Talk.” I’d forgotten what a master Baldwin was. This is the best novel I’ve read in a while. Written and set in 1970s Harlem, it is a tragic, timeless, universal story. The prose is nuanced yet simple and beautiful. Here’s another review:

Beautiful. Struggle. Love. Triumph. Buy.


Here’s something in a very cool audio journal called Bound Off. It’s me reading my story entitled Exposure. It’s about not hating life.

I’m honored to be published anywhere, but I’m especially grateful to be here with some fairly well known folks. Check it:


I engage in some pontification here:

In an effort to bulk up content here, I’m gonna start reviewing books. Every review will be five words and will include a recommendation to “Buy,” “Library” (as in, get it from the library) or “Skip.” We’ll call it “Eric’s Book Club.” Gotta fill that void somehow.  The first book is Lost in the City by Edward P. Jones:

DC. Gripping. Characters. Authentic. Buy.