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Fiction and Poetry Publisher Wrags Ink is putting out an anthology of Philadelphia Fiction Writers in January 2012. A story of mine, “Lamar’s Inheritance,” will be inside. It will be available for purchase soon and I’ll let you know where. There may even be a reading or two. That is all.

The third book for the Five Word Review is Jonathan Franzen’s ‘Freedom.’ By way of introduction, I like Franzen. He’s a good writer. ‘The Corrections’ was a great accomplishment. And I used to enjoy his whole anti-Oprah, anti-establishment persona. But, now he is the establishment. ‘Freedom’ is a well-written novel that at times is compelling and at times is provocative in its social commentary. That said, it’s 562 pages and I found every character downright loathsome for about 530 of those pages. That they half-way redeem themselves at the end was little solace. Now I don’t normally subscribe to the whole “characters have to be likable” thing, but this was a stretch even for me. This was a difficult book to get through because it was entirely comprised of  whiny, oblivious, privileged characters who couldn’t understand how good they had it and how free they actually were. If you’re a Franzen fan, ‘Freedom’ is worth reading. If not, see the five words below.


Read. The. Corrections. Instead. Library.