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Five word revew time. This is a collection of shorts named after a Ghostface lyric. So, by law, I had to read it. It was good. Solid. Well done. Towards the end the stories felt a little redundant. This review touches on that:

brocolli and short stories. Buy.


Reading on April 1st

I’m reading on Sunday, April 1st at Infusion Coffee Shop in Mt. Airy. 7133 Germantown Ave. 2pm. Come out and support your local arts and hear some talented people read their work to support “Anthology Philly.” This book can be purchased here:

Five word book review time. Just finished, “Tough Guys Don’t Dance” by Norman Mailer. It reminded me that sometimes it’s good to struggle with a text. This was a convoluted mess of a narrative. The prose was fantastic in spots. But the story itself tried way too hard and was at times overwrought. It was bold and there were some high points. But, I was never clear on what precisely was happening. This is recommended if you want to be challenged.

Even Good Folks Struggle. Skip.



Philly Anthology is out!

This is out now. My story, Lamar’s Inheritance, is inside.