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Blessed Sons

So, listen, my novel, Blessed Sons, is getting published and will be out soon. Reading and signing dates as well as where to pick up a copy are forthcoming. I swear. This is the publisher. Obviously, they’re cool:

If you’re a Supreme Court nerd like me, you’ll like this little book:

Only for the wonky. Buy.

If you are so inclined. My story, Organic Youth, is in this book:

I don’t get a dime if you buy it so don’t kill yourself. I can give you a copy.

Should’ve given Bradbury his flowers while he was living, but this is one of the best books I’ve read in a long time. Completely applicable, resonant, timeless.

If you haven’t, do. Buy.

I’m not dead. I’m still reading and writing. I vowed not to watch one second of the Olympics and have been watching non-stop. A few months ago I read Scott Turow’s, “Innocent.” It’s the sequel to “Presumed Innocent” which was a very good novel. The sequel, not so much. Too long. Too much meandering. Plus:

This was cliche city. Skip.