I’ve been mad busy with stuff but I haven’t stopped reading books. So, here are some quick five word reviews:

The Politician by Andrew Young

This book was entertaining in its salaciousness, despite the fact that the author came off like a complete fraud. He was complicit in John Edwards’ nonsense the entire time. He was the lead architect of the cover up. Then, when he got caught and threatened with indictment, he grew a conscience. Then he wrote a book. Total punk, snitch move. Can’t support it.

I believe in Omerta. Skip.

Dreams From My Father by Barack Obama

I read this during election time. The Chicago sections were slow and tedious. The Kenya sections were interesting and revealing. It’s worth a read but not a buy.

Bartlet for America, yo. Library.

Buddha by Deepak Chopra

Yep, that Deepak Chopra. He wrote a “novel” fictionalizing the life of the Buddha. It actually wasn’t half bad. It was overwritten and overwrought in places. But it’s not a long book and there were some very entertaining scenes and characters.

Be still and know. Library.

Dogfight, A Love Story by Matt Burgess

This is a well-conceived, well-executed novel about two brothers in the drug game (and the violence game) who get caught up in a lot of street shit and try to find their way out. Strong characters, an authentically drawn setting  (Jackson Heights, Queens) and vivid descriptions made this a pretty cool read.

Hope for a Movie. Buy.

Osama Van Halen by Michael Muhammad Knight

I saw this book in an old used bookstore and bought it strictly for the title. It’s about Taqwacores which are  Muslim punk rockers. It was On the Road-esque. This is a weird book. Matt Damon gets kidnapped. There are ghost and zombies. I mostly enjoyed it, particularly for its originality. It’s a little raw and not for the faint of heart. So, if you’re not into raw, you should pass.

Didn’t land on Plymouth Rock. Library.

Happy Holidays!